Life in Universe National Action Plan

 1.             Establishment of the National Steering Committee hosted by the Slovak Physical

Society (June 8)

2.             Formulation of National action Plan (June 8)

3.             Construction of National Web Page (June 15)

4.             Creation of Network of Secondary School Teachers (June 15)

5.             Co-ordination of National LIU Program with Public Astronomical Observatories (20)

and Planetaria (5) in Slovakia (all the time)

6.             Collection and translation of basic information package (as available)

7.             Distribution of basic information package to the network including media (June 15)

8.             Declaration of the National Contest of 14 18 years old students in presenting their

            ideas on the Life in the Universe, both in artistic and scientific approach. (June 15)

9.             Presentation of the Life in Universe Project at the Slovak Teachers Forum

(June 13-15)

10.           Organisation of public lectures on the topic of Life in Universe (all the time)

11.           Presentation of the Project at the Physicists Club Meeting dedicated to the celebration

                of the First Prize of Slovak Team at the International Physics Tournament in Espoo,

            Finland (June 19)

12.           Public lecture of Dr. Z. Urban: Life in Universe (June 20)

13.           Continual support of the Competition

14.           Establishment of the national jury, exhibition of Competition contributions and

related  publicity at the Anniversary Conference of Slovak Physicists (September 3-5)

15.           Final National Event, selection of winners - at the Days of Science and Technology

of Slovakia (September 17-20)

16.           Public communication of LIU contest winners in media (September 20 October 20)

17.           Preparation of winners for their presentation at the Final Event of project at CERN

18.           Preparation of National LIU Exhibition with assistance of Schola Ludus and

distribution of selected materials for secondary schools. (September 20

November 30)